Recent News - Fall 2020


New Product Update  – LSI Zone LED

In October, LSI unveiled two new LED sports lighting fixtures, the Zone Large and  Zone Medium.  The Zone Large will be available in two different lumen outputs, 60,000 and 78,000.  The Zone Medium will be 48,000 lumens.  With three different lumen options, we have significantly greater flexibility to provide a lighting solution for you.  Along with other new features and capabilities, the Zone will be a leader in the sports lighting industry.

Here are some features of the Zone fixture:

  • Lower price compared to CourtBlade
  • Sleek die-cast construction
  • The light distribution pattern has been designed so an extension arm is not needed, this provides further cost savings and easier installation
  • Molded silicone optics – provides better performance and greater light transmittance, and will not yellow or crack with age like plastic material
  • Available in 3000K, 4000K and 5000K color temperature
  • Greater efficiency – The 60L version is 136 lumens/watt, the 78L version is 124 lumens/watt
  • Available with optional Bluetooth Mesh wireless lighting control system, an easy to install and easy to commission control system.
  • We hope to have a brochure for the Zone fixture soon.  If you’d like to receive literature when it becomes available, please reach out.  For now, please see the spec sheets below.

Zone Large Spec Sheet
Zone Medium Spec Sheet

Zone Create-A-Court

Similar to the service we offered with the LED CourtBlade, we will be offering our standard lighting layouts with the Zone fixture through our Create-A-Court tool. If you are in a rush for a lighting design, please visit here.

The sports covered under the Create-A-Court configuration are tennis, pickleball, basketball, and volleyball. The CourtBlade (XARL) layouts are still available.

Bakersfield Country Club – Bakersfield, CA

Frasure Reps supplied LED CourtBlade fixtures for four newly constructed pickleball courts at Bakersfield Country Club in Bakersfield, CA. With this lighting system, the courts are illuminated to an average of over 75 foot-candles. The project manager, Dorothy Brelih of KSI Engineering, had these comments when the project was completed:

“When Bakersfield Country Club in California decided to install pickleball courts, they turned to KSI Engineering and KSI Construction to design and build them. Frasure Reps and LSI Sports Lighting were very helpful in the design phase. They double-checked our design and helped construct and expedite our light order. Their responsiveness was stellar, even in the midst of COVID.
The customer is thrilled with the result. In fact, the adjacent tennis courts have 20+ year-old lighting, and the new pickleball lights have the Country Club thinking of an upgrade to the great LEDs next door! Thanks to Frasure Reps and LSI Sports Lighting for making our project so successful.”

Drone Photography / Court Construction by KSI Engineering

Mt. Carmel Pickleball Club – Mt. Carmel, IL

Frasure Reps supplied (24) LED fixtures for 6 pickleball courts at Mt. Carmel (IL) City Park. With this lighting system, the courts are illuminated at an average of 75-80 foot-candles. The facility is home to the Mt. Carmel Pickleball Club, which will host future tournaments.

The project and its impact on the community were featured in the October edition of Pickleball Magazine. The Pickleball Club raised over $300,000 in community donations for the construction of the courts. According to Mt. Carmel’s mayor, Joe Judge, “These courts are a huge asset to have in the city. I’ve gone to other towns to look at their pickleball courts, and nothing compares to what the Mount Carmel Pickleball Club was able to accomplish through their fundraising.”

Cohasset Golf Club – Cohasset, MA

Frasure Reps supplied (36) LED CourtBlade fixtures for four clay tennis courts at Cohasset Golf Club in Cohasset, MA. With this lighting configuration, the courts will be illuminated at an average of over 60 foot-candles. Established in 1894, Cohasset Golf Club is one of the oldest private clubs in New England.

Court Construction: Boston Tennis Court Construction Company
Photo provided by Cohasset Golf Club

Gainesville ISD – Gainesville, TX

Frasure Reps supplied (48) LED fixtures for six tennis courts located at Gainesville ISD in Gainesville, TX. With the lighting configuration provided, the tennis courts are illuminated at an average of approximately 55 foot-candles. This will be suitable for competitive matches and tournaments that the high school will host. Completed in May, the construction of their tennis courts were apart of a renovation including their baseball and softball fields as well as a indoor practice facility.

Court Construction: Hellas Construction; photos courtesy of Hellas Construction

Upcoming Events

Frasure Reps will be attending and exhibiting in the 2020 ASBA Virtual Technical Meeting. While all details are not known at this time, we are looking forward to communicating with our colleagues regarding their previous year and discussing our new product offerings. If you’d like to set up a time to meet with us, please reach out.

While we wish the ASBA Technical Meeting was proceeding as usual, we will do all we can to make the virtual technical meeting as successful as possible.

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