Recent News - Winter 2021

Year in Review

I am sure you will agree that 2021 has been “interesting” to say the least. I think we all have come to terms with the fact that unpredictability is the “new normal”. Some economists are predicting that supply chain issues and shortages will become less severe by the second half of 2022. We are hoping that is the case which in turn should help stabilize raw material costs. We see 2022 as an opportunity for the industry to improve the way it does business from lessons learned over the last two years.

Our Zone™ family of LED fixtures were well accepted in the sports lighting market in 2021. The Zone™ fixture provides industry leading features, including two housing sizes, improved efficiency, a wide range of lumen outputs, and silicone optics.

We have been involved in many exciting lighting projects. Some of them are featured here in this newsletter. Thanks for your continued support, and let us know how we can help with your next project.

American Sports Builders Assn. Technical Meeting

Since 1996, the American Sports Builders Assn. has been recognizing outstanding construction projects at their December Technical Meeting. We are honored to report that five projects that included our lighting were selected at the recently completed 2021 meeting in Orlando. Here are some highlights of two of the projects:

Timber Pines Community Association in Spring Hill, FL was selected as the 2021 Outstanding Outdoor Pickleball Facility of the Year. The contractor was Welch Tennis Courts. Photo courtesy of Welch Tennis Courts.

Indian School Park Tennis Center was the Bronze winner in the 2021 Outstanding Outdoor Tennis Facility of the Year category. The contractor was Elite Sports Builders. Photo courtesy of Elite Sports Builders.

Doty Park – Summerville, SC

Frasure Reps recently supplied (36) Zone Large fixtures and (29) Mirada Small walkway fixtures at Doty Park in Summerville, SC.

The Zone Large fixture was installed for the tennis courts, providing a significant upgrade to their previous metal halide lighting system. The courts are illuminated at approximately 45 foot-candles, a suitable level for recreational play. Additionally, with the new walkway lighting, visitors can feel safer walking the park at night.

Upgrading their tennis and walkway lighting while using the existing light poles saved the city thousands of dollars. With the energy efficiency benefits of LED, there will also be significant savings seen in the future.

The top photo below is the park facility after the tennis and walkway fixtures were upgraded to LSI LED fixtures. As you can see, the difference is astounding!

The project was locally coordinated by our partner Torrence Sports Lighting, who also provided the photos.

Sanders – Trine Pickleball Complex – Platteville, WI

The Sanders-Trine Pickleball Complex (Platteville, WI) held a grand opening on September 25,2021. As part of the project, (16) LSI Zone Large fixtures were supplied for the facility. The facility will host tournaments, league/open play, and lessons.

The facility received strong public support, with the Platteville Area Pickleball Association raising significant funding for the construction of the facility. Their goal is to make Platteville, WI the go-to pickleball destination in the Wisconsin tri-state area.

Graceway Sports Complex – Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

A recent installation of LSI’s Zone Large fixtures at the Graceway Sports Complex in Providenciales, Turks & Caicos. As part of the project, we supplied (8) 80,000 lumen Zone Large fixtures for a 90′ W x 150′ L futsal court. With this lighting system, the court is illuminated at approximately 30 foot-candles average.

Court Construction and Photos Courtesy of Manchester Courts

Coming Soon

Eight tennis courts and three pickleball courts at North Carolina State University Club will be completed in Spring 2022. As part of the project, Frasure Reps supplied (72) LSI Zone Large fixtures, which will illuminate each court at approximately 75 foot-candles average with excellent uniformity. We will share pictures of the project once it is completed.

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