Bakersfield Country Club - Bakersfield, CA

Frasure Reps supplied LED CourtBlade fixtures for four newly constructed pickleball courts at Bakersfield Country Club in Bakersfield, CA.  With this lighting system, the courts are illuminated to an average of over 75 foot-candles. The project manager, Dorothy Brelih of KSI Engineering, had these comments when the project was completed:

“When Bakersfield Country Club in California decided to install pickleball courts, they turned to KSI Engineering and KSI Construction to design and build them.  Frasure Reps and LSI Sports Lighting were very helpful in the design phase.  They double-checked our design and helped construct and expedite our light order.  Their responsiveness was stellar, even in the midst of COVID.
The customer is thrilled with the result.  In fact, the adjacent tennis courts have 20+ year-old lighting, and the new pickleball lights have the Country Club thinking of an upgrade to the great LEDs next door! Thanks to Frasure Reps and LSI Sports Lighting for making our project so successful.”

Drone Photography / Court Construction by KSI Engineering