White Squirrel Pickleball - Olney, IL

The White Squirrel Pickleball Association opened their new eight court facility in Olney, IL on September 2023. The facility features six 34’ x 64’ courts and two 44’ x 74’ courts.

Frasure Reps designed the lighting system and supplied twenty LSI Large Zone fixtures to illuminate the courts. In addition, LSI Opulence post top fixtures were used to illuminate the common area. As is evident in the photos, the court colors really pop at night under the LED lighting. The photos also illustrate the sharp light cutoff outside of the court boundaries. The Zone luminaire is a full cut-off fixture that has zero up light. It is certified by DarkSky International, an organization that provides objective, third-party certification for lighting products that minimize glare, reduce light trespass, and don’t pollute the night sky.